Clash of Ancient Empires - Patch


This patch will update any previous version of the game to 1.2.4  -  Download It Here

Once downloaded, unzip and run SETUP.EXE.

Make sure to close Clash of Ancient Empires before running the patch setup program.



Comments  (Each Patch Includes the Updates from the Previous Patch)



This version improves the automatically generated emails by adding the empire id and name to the subject text.



This version fixes an email bug.  The game manager was having trouble emailing out the turn files when the user's default email client was Microsoft Outlook (it worked fine for Outlook Express).  This has now been fixed.  There is still an issue with Lotus Notes where the message text is being inserted in the 'To:' field, and I am not sure how to fix this.



This version fixes a minor display bug.  When the host changed a player's email address, the updated email address was not being displayed in the empire list until the host closed and reopened empire assignment screen.  This has now been fixed.



This version contains two improvements.  First, it keeps imperial armies ordered to Intercept Invaders from intercepting invading armies that contain no units.  This stops a player from sending empty imperial armies on decoy invasions to prevent his opponent from intercepting his real army.  Second, the host is now allowed to set the email address for an empire even if that empire is not being played by a remote player.



Except for the help file, one common version number is now used for all the game files.  This should aid players in determining their current version.



This version fixed the following two bugs: (1) fixed the host automatic email error message box; and (2) prevented the client to host (.c2h) turn files from overwriting the game manager empire assignments.



This version update the following three items: (1) corrected a spelling error in the help; (2) clarified text in an email message box; and (3) fixed a bug in sending multiple emails from the game manager at the same time.



This version has impoved help and context sensitive links.


Clash of Ancient Empires by Scott Ohlman.

All rights reserved.